Australia. Our own backyard full of sun, surf, exploration and also, the home to some of the world’s strongest UV rays.

Sun protection is no joke, and that’s where the team at Bondi Zinc come into play. Owned and operated by two of Bondi Beach’s very own lifeguards, the brand provides superior sun safety to anyone spending countless in the sun, to give our healthy skins a break from the somewhat harsh environment. read more here

Boys In Blue Saving Our Skins

By Sarah Healey on March 1, 2013 in News


Firstly, take a moment to flip to the last page of your copy of The Beast. See that handsome devil who relishes in humourously predicting what will happen to you in the month ahead? This astrological genius and Waverley Council lifeguard is Daniel ‘Beardy’ McLaughlin, and he’s now on a mission to save your skin from frying under the stifling Aussie sun as the proud co-founder of the ultimate in sun protection: the aptly named Bondi Zinc Sunscreen. read more here

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