Bondi Zinc Sunscreen is the brain child of Daniel ‘Beardy’ McLaughlin and Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson, the boys in blue who can be seen saving lives on TV's Bondi Rescue are now on a mission to save your skin from frying under the stifling Aussie sun.


The Bondi Zinc story began when the boys were planning their annual surf trip to Indonesia in 2012. Zinc is the quintessential travel item for these keen surfers, and Beardy was more than a little miffed about having to fork out the same amount for one tube of zinc as he’d spend on about forty Bintangs while abroad.


“My next day at work, there happened to be a couple of different types of zinc in the tower so I read the backs – they almost had the exact same ingredients as the one I bought for $40. I knew then I wasn’t paying for the product, I was paying for the brand name,” he said.


And that’s when they decided to come up with a better alternative. They wanted to introduce a sunscreen that contained a unique ‘invisible’ zinc formula and provided broad protection without the whitening effect of other zinc creams.


“We went to several laboratories. Most sunscreens cater for individual needs such as sensitive skin, for children, or for everyday use. We asked if it was possible for our product to have it all. Then one laboratory got back to us with a formula specifically for what we wanted – an all-in-one zinc sunscreen,” Beardy said.


Sleeping is a thing of the past for this duo, who both juggle the business with professional lifeguarding. The boys have high hopes for Bondi Zinc, and stand proudly behind their product.


“Within a year I’d like to see it all over Australia. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of interest generated from the TV show, Bondi Rescue, also,” Mouse said.


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